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Personalized Care and Guidance


Psychotherapy a.k.a "Talk Therapy" is a concept  based on the idea when talking about issues we can clarify and put them in perspective; Hopefully leading to a solution. Talk Therapy is very effective and is considered 1st line treatment-before medication management.


Individual Treatment Plan

Individual Treatment Plan defines and outline the course of treatment. This will be incorporated in the Initial Psychiatric Evaluation.


Medication Consultation

Sometimes medications are indicated when treating a mental illness. At MyEmotionsCo we value medication management. Our goal is to use the least  amount of medication to reach maximum therapeutic effects.



Telemedicine is the process of providing health care from a distance through technology,  using videoconferencing.

Don't Live in Bloomington?
We offer Telepsychiatry Appointments in the State of Illinois. You can be seen from the comfort of your Home!!


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